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Style Quadrupel · ABV 10.5% · 330 ml bottle
Brewed by Brouwerij St Bernadus · Watou · Belgium
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So finally the time has come to get with one those talked about, critically acclaimed and standard setting brews. It’s been compared by some as the little brother of trappist brewed Westvleteren 12. Some even claiming the St Bernadus Abt 12 stays closer to the original recipe than Westvleteren 12 does. Belgian beer and Travel has written an article that might shed some further light on the topic.

The battle has been raging for ever as to which one of these ales is the top quad of them all. Anyway it’s an epic and legendary brew sitting in front of me this evening at Belgobaren. I’ve had it at least once before, let’s see what kind of effect it has on me this time.

Appearance 3/3

The waitress pours a dark sienna color into a Sint Bernardus-branded chalice, producing half a finger of off-white head. The head settles leaving a thin lid of creamy and fizzy foam. Some yeast lees remaining at the base of the bottle, though only appropriate a bottle conditioned ale.

Whenever I see this bottle I’m always fascinated with the merry looking monk character on the label, it’s like he’s thinking “Aha, I know the recipe to this and you don’t” pointing a gentle finger my way. I read somewhere that he lately lost his head cap. Where did that go?

Aroma 10/12

A nose dominated by maltiness, mainly caramel. A tart dark fruity sweetness. Aromas include bigarreau cherries and unripe plums. Jolly friend Johan wants to define the aroma as Grandma’s good old apple pie but I would stretch it as far as saying apples.There’s a musty sort of stale cellar/barrel quality to it, get’s me thinking of port wine.

Flavor 18/20

A fruit and berry cocktail, but has more of a mature and ripe character this time, including bigarreau cherries, plums, apples and pears. In the sweetness there’s bitter almonds and marzipan. I pick up some faint chocolate in the sugar as well. Some alcohol coming through but in that warming and pleasant Belgian way.

Mouthfeel 5/5

Incredibly everlasting effervescing but moderate carbonation creating a flavor explosion. The flavors just keep coming on and on again with the help of the carbonation. It’s a medium body with a creamy and smooth liquid. Very mild bitterness remain in aftertaste together with a yeasty and smelly cheese profile.

Overall impression 9/10

This is all you dream and hope for in a Quad really. An extremely complex yet surprisingly clean and crisp abbey ale. The flavors are just perfectly balanced, not overtaking each other but a gently transitioning from one flavor to another. The body and mouthfeel not at all cloying or sticky like you might expect with such a sugary sweet brew. Actions speak louder than words, so my advice to you is, drink it!

Next time I go for Belgian I got try Westvleteren 12 and see what the monks bring to the table.

Availability around my part of the world means any bar serving Belgian ales i.e. Belgobaren, Monks Cafe and Duvel cafe/Pressklubben.

Total Score 45/50

Outstanding – World-class example of style.


Simultaneous pouring capacity on display.

Style Quadrupel · ABV 11.3% · 330 ml bottle
Brewed by Brasserie de Rochefort · Rochefort · Belgium
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An ale with traditions dating all the way back to 1595, brewed by the monks of Notre-Dame de Saint-Rémy, one out of seven trappist breweries worldwide. This is a very different thing than most other beers, since it can only be called Trappist if made at one out the seven certified breweries. This is also rare, only 18 000 hectoliters are produced yearly at Rochefort Abbey.

Appearance 3/3

Served in a glass goblet is a brown almost black ale with a rich two finger pearl white foam top. The bottom of the bottle is covered with black muddy lees.

Aroma 11/12

Fruits, lots and lots of fruits, mostly dark ones like plums and wild cherries but there’s also room for some ripe bananas too. Although well hidden there is a hint of alcohol.

Flavor 18/20

This is a complex, intense and dense flavor pack. A malty and extremely sweet brew sprinkled with Lübeck marzipan and chocolate.

Mouthfeel 4/5

Heavy body, thick liquid, loads of carbonation. The liquid’s smooth but the lingering is a nibble to the tongue that stings a tad.

Overall impression 9/10

It’s also very refreshing to once in a while to drink something where the brewing process and volume are regulated and controlled, in a world otherwise prone to embrace modernity’s constant will to change and expand. Rochefort 10 promises and delivers a fabulous Belgian ale experience.

Total Score 45/50

Outstanding – World-class example of style.

Style Quadrupel · ABV 10.0% · 650 ml bottle
Brewed by Avery Brewing Co · Boulder · Colorado · United States
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Part of the The Holy Trinity of Ales, The Reverend is the second installment in the series. The series which originally started up with Hog Heaven Barleywine-style Ale back in 1998 also includes golden ale Salvation. Labeled a Quad let’s see what kind of damage this baby can do against all-timed celebrated classics like Trappistes Rochefort’s 10 or St Bernardus Abt 12.

Appearance 2/3

This liquid has a ghostly resemblance to soda pop when poured, there are a lot of bubbles clinging to the side of glass. Very little foam crown as far as I see. The hue is a washed out Diet Coke, almost tawny.

Aroma 7/12

Traveling through the air and eventually landing in my olfactories is a smokey and almost sour smell.

Flavor 15/20

Very sugary sweet, there’s a background of hoppy flavor occasionally overtaken by nuts and caramel. Because of the high ABV there’s of course a malty and strong alcoholic presence which fortunately only adds to the flavor.

Mouthfeel 3/5

The mouthfeel is a filling and full body with little or low carbonation.

Overall impression 7/10

To put it short and to the point like my friend Marcus Andersson, “This is a complex beer for a simple man.” Look what it did to the poor guy, yes it’s him behind the bottle.

Total Score 34/50

Very Good – Generally within style parameters, some minor flaws.