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Style American Pale Lager · ABV 3.5% · 500 ml can
Brewed by Brutal Brewing · Vårby · Sweden
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Beer mail again! This time from the guys at Brutal Brewing, Spendrups’ department of innovation. Cutting open the styrofoam box I see two cans of beer logged between the protective walls. The last beer I had from Brutal Brewing was their X-mas offering the Chimney Sweeper. A beer that didn’t really sweep me off my feet but left me with a more positive attitude towards Brutal and their brew.

This time around they’re back with Sir Taste-A-Lot, a hoppy low-strength (aka folköl/low-point beer) pale lager, in my opinion this is a sign of Spendrups’ willingness to progress in the beer game. Seasoned with Magnum for bitterness and Perle/Amarillo for aroma let’s see what this dubbed beer does for me.

Appearance 2/3

Dunking half the can into my Anchor pint glass I get a fizzy dusky golden yellow beer with a three finger high head in a “discolored teeth” type of hue. The bubbles are small and tightly packed lending the head a creamy appearance. The head settles to half a finger leaving dry and sticky lacing. Promising…

Aroma 7/12

Characteristic lager aromas of bread and yeast, a rather soft bready nose though. Then some light Amarillo hops come through with a clementine/lemon profile. Also newly cut grass and sweet corn appear in the nose.

Flavor 15/20

Just like the nose the flavor kicks off in a classic lager maner; malty, bready with a tongue coating bittering hop presence. Accentuating the lager base is the aroma hops giving it a citrus and jasmine flower flavor. The dry bittering hops impart a faint cyprus wood taste too.

Mouthfeel 3/5

Big and malty liquid with a thin but bolder body than your average 3.5er. Whatever filling sensation there initially was fades quickly though. Small and tickling bubbles. The aftertaste is a lager style bitterness reaching down the throat.

Overall impression 7/10

Considering the company we’re in (widely available 3.5% pale lagers that is) this is damn good stuff. Although a bit wishy-washy it’s graced with a more than decent citrusy flavor palette. Plus a hop dryness which appeals to my taste. Yes people, this is the multi-dimensional beer from a major brewery that we have been waiting to embrace and enjoy. I hope it’s generally received this way because that would mean there’s hope for hoppier and tastier industrial beers in the future.

Sir Taste-A-Lot is a low-buzz beer and therefore available in many supermarkets across Sweden.

Total Score 34/50

Very Good – Generally within style parameters, some minor flaws


Style Euro Pale Lager · ABV 5.9% · 500 ml can
Brewed by Spendrups Bryggeri · Stockholm · Sweden
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My lager lovin’ father gave me this can of Gold as I was leaving his apartment on my last visit there. That means alot to me since it’s his favorite brew and has been since its introduction in October 2005. My father doesn’t take beer lightly, neither do I. Although this may mean two completely different things they’re equally important to us.

Appearance 2/3

A very pale crystal-clear golden yellow pours from the aluminum can. 1 ½ finger of creamy white head pops up only to dissipate almost instantly.

Aroma 5/12

A very faint bouquet, if a bouquet at all. It’s acidic on the verge to citric, some yeast and malt with a sweetness that reminds me of corn.

Flavor 8/20

Once again only vague outline in taste here. Definitely malty and syrupy sweetness, then an itsy-bitsy bitterness. Somewhere in there are some bready notes.

Mouthfeel 2/5

Bland and wet brew with a relative high level of carbonation.

Overall impression 5/10

This is not a bad beer, but it’s not an average one either. This is an OK, no roller-coaster type of lager that could do on a hot and sunny day when sitting by the lake in some remote part of the country without a car at hand. This does happen!

Total Score 22/50

Good – Misses the mark on style and/or minor flaws.