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Style American India Pale Ale · ABV 7.0% · 330 ml bottle
Brewed by Pang Pang Brewery · Hökarängen · Sweden
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I’ve been excited to try this puppy out, ever since I saw the announcement on PangPang’s own facebook page. They apparently had it on tap for a limited time at Bishop’s Arms, but I didn’t have the chance to try it out then. Luckily for us, we managed to get a special delivery from the brewmaster himself Fredrik Tunedal.

After some Dick Tracy like activities, involving whispering secret passwords, we managed to get hold of a couple of samples of this much anticipated brew from PangPang. Me and my co-host Tobias, sat down a cold February night and shared a bottle.

Appearance 2/3

Pours golden orange, with a slight haze. We were debating whether it was a Hop haze or Chill haze, probably the former, but it’s hard to tell. The head is two fingers thick and bright white, it settles quickly but retains a thin foam carpet covering the beer.

Aroma 11/12

Berries, Berries, and even more Berries! Wow, what a sensational aroma. It literally oozes of different type of berries, Black current, blackberry etc. It also delivers passion fruit, mango, citrus. The aroma is slightly sour, but is balanced really with some more dank and earthy tones.

Flavor 18/20

The flavor continues, where the aroma ends, with a whole bunch of grapefruit, the berries also follow through, as does the wild fruits and citrus. It’s fairly dry, almost like champagne. Although an IPA, it has very comfortable hop flavors. Some IPA’s get carried away with the bitterness, but this one gets it just right IMHO. The flavor and aroma really comes through, good hop extraction!

Mouthfeel 3/5

A good medium body, that feels really smooth. The carbonation is there, but after a while, you long for a bit more fizz to help with the flavors. As described above, it has a really comfortable hop bitterness that lingers on after a sip.

Overall impression 8/10

What can I say? The expectations were set pretty high on this one, and yet PangPang came through and delivered! A great all around IPA, with it’s very aromatic berry-like aroma and balanced malt/hop flavors. We both noted some similarities with PangPang’s previous beer Puttin’ in Hours, but it still has its own distinct character. We also concluded that it’s probably a good introduction IPA for people not used to beers with high IBU’s. Overall a really great IPA, can’t wait to try it again!

So, where can I drink this one? Well, it’s available at the moment in very limited supplies at Marie Laveau, Oliver Twist, and Bishop’s Arms (Folkungagatan). If you happen to find it somewhere else, please share it with the rest of us in the comments. Cheers!

Total Score 42/50

Excellent – Exemplifies style well, requires minor fine-tuning.


We’ve been talking about trying to get a hold of Fredrik Tunedal from PangPang Brewery and meet up with him, ever since we drank his flagship beer Puttin’ In Hours Pale Ale last summer. We fell in love with the extremely aromatic and well balanced beer and simply wanted to learn more about the brewery behind it.

A couple of months later, we hopped on the subway and rode all the way down to Hökarängen to meet up with Stockholm’s one-man brewer Fredrik Tunedal a.k.a Silver at PangPang Brewery. Crossing the square of the retrostyled mainstreet we took aim at the narrow staircase leading down to the 75 square meters of a former bakery, now housing the infamous brewery.

“It’s a cramped place but I make do” Fredrik says after we’ve had a look around the two subterraneous rooms that make up PangPang’s premises. The toughest part was apparently to get all the equipment down the brewery’s narrow staircase. But after a lot of sweat and effort, he has managed to set up a small but efficient brewery, pumping out around 600 bottles a week.


We sat down with Fredrik at the brewery’s designated lounge area, to sample some different batches, and to talk about beer in general. He’s of course especially passionate about his own current brew, Puttin’ In Hours, now available through ordering at Systembolaget.

We sampled three different batches of Puttin’ in Hours, which all were delicious, but at the same time had their own distinct character. Using the sabre like knife to pop open the bottles with, only adds to the charm of the dented tiles and yellowing paint in the somewhat rugged but suitable interior of the place.


Fredrik shared with us his vision, of having his beer available at modern and trendy restaurants which he himself frequently visits. “I became frustrated upon visiting these places, that I couldn’t get a decent beer” he recalls. So, he took matters into his own hands, packed a cooler box full with beers, hopped into a van, and headed towards town.


The hard work of showcasing his beer to bar and restaurant owners paid off, the result is that you now can enjoy a PangPang brew in places like VoltAGMarie Laveau, Urban Deli and Pubologi.

It becomes apparent upon listening to Fredrik’s story, that he is as concerned with making good tasting beer as he is with building up an identity surrounding his beers and brewery. He adds “My hope is, that when you sit at a bar with a PangPang, It shouldn’t be apparent that it comes from a small Swedish microbrewery”.


The label design on the beer Puttin’ In Hours, is another good example of how much thought that has been put into the aesthetics. It was design by talented designer and illustrator Björn Öberg, and depicts a gangster fixing his tie, after some sort of bloody affair.


A quick glance might show you a stressed out worker, puttin’ in his hours, but a more thorough inspection of the image’s background tells another (gruesome) tale. Apparently systembolaget had some issue with the label design, when the beer was first introduced into its ordering system, and requested a more family-oriented version. We can only hope that the original version, pictured above, will prevail.


We ended our brewery tour with some rounds of table tennis. Fredrik spends a lot of time at the brewery, so whenever he has the time or some buddies over, he usually relaxes with a game or two.

As stated earlier, the brewery’s first beer, Puttin’ In Hours, an American Pale Ale, has had this brewery pumping out a lot of beer to try to cover the demand. Since our last visit, PangPang has added an India Pale Ale to its current line-up. It’s been fittingly named Hökarängen IPA, paying tribute to the brewery’s neighborhood in southern Stockholm. According to PangPang Brewery’s facebook, the beer has been hopped with Simcoe, Centennial and Chinook. Light brown muscovado sugar has also been added to boost the alcohol level slightly, making it land at seven something percent. Boy, we can’t wait to get our hands on one and try it out.

We at 99 Bottles thank Fredrik for his time, and wish him all the best with his brewery and all his current and future brews. Oh, and next time, we promise to come better prepared and actually win a game of table tennis. Cheers!

Style American Pale Ale · ABV 5.5% · 330 ml bottle
Brewed by Pang Pang Brewery · Hökarängen · Sweden
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I’m on paternity leave from work for another good five months, the kid’s in a great mood and the September weather’s awesome. Me and my buddy Tomas (with us is also 99Bottles’ very own Joao Neves) proudly pushing our strollers down a street in SOFO, the “…hip, young, and laidback…” area of Stockholm as a lot of people would describe it.

Earlier we gorged ourselves with a delicious buffet at a local Persian deli joint so naturally we’re looking for a fitting digestive. Some prefer Caffe Latte, we prefer Beer. I miraculously remember hearing about this new local brewery called Pang Pang and its pale ale being available at nearby Nytorget Urban Deli so we go there.

Appearance 2/3

Classy artwork on the label. This Max Payne type of guy, adjusting his tie. Anyways, this one pours a golden yellow with a lean towards orange. Head’s two fingers and disappears fast. Curtains are long and stick to the glass easily. Not too many bubbles visible.

Aroma 12/12

Holy Moly! A big basket of exotic fruits it is. Dominant passion fruit aroma, background of grapefruit and hibiscus notes. It’s also a sweet treat, that the malt brings forth. A certain sourish note reminiscent of green apples.

Flavor 15/20

Bittering hops and grape fruit, lots of it. Still some of that floral and passion fruit but very toned down. Bits of orange.

Mouthfeel 3/5

Medium body, low carb and wishy washy liquid. Unfortunately the low carbonation only contributes the lack of flavor, cutting the taste short.

Overall impression 8/10

For a being the first beer (2nd batch) to come out of this brewery I must say I’m impressed. It also makes my heart skip a beat knowing this brew was made locally in Stockholm suburb Hökarängen. Could they only bring up the carbonation and prolong its existens another 20 min we’d have an all-round winner. Nonetheless I like this beer a whole alot. Keep brewing and improving!

Total Score 40/50

Excellent – Exemplifies style well, requires minor fine-tuning.