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Style American India Pale Ale · ABV 6.5% · 355 ml can
Brewed by Oskar Blues Brewery · Longmont · Colorado · United States
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Odd really, I don’t know why I haven’t gotten to reviewing this beer earlier. I remember my buddy Danne ranting and shoutung about it before I got to try it myself at Bishop Arms on Bellmansgatan. This must’ve been three or four years ago. Since then I’ve had Dale’s on numerous occasions and always… well I think I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Anyways, Oskar Blues is one of those pioneering breweries that led the American craft-beer-in-a-can movement, being first in canning craft beer back in ’02. Dale’s Pale Ale, the first beer ever produced by Oskar Blues is named after the owner, Dale Katechis. I got this specific can of Dale’s in a beer trade with Manne of Manne’s Brygglogg. In that very same trade I also got one of his latest home brews, Sails Croft Ruination IPA. It’s a beautiful double India Pale Ale at 8.4% ABV which I accidentally but happily drank at my wedding party earlier this month, but hey that’s another story…

Appearance 2/3

Pours a saffron colored drink with about a finger of powder white head. It’s a beautiful head with bubbles that are of the same size. Neat!

Aroma 10/12

The malts settle on the ground like a picnic blanket, providing a strong and broad canvas for the the American hops, peach, resin and pine needle flavors. Fantastic nose on this one.

Flavor 17/20

Light bitterness up front. A Champagne-dry beer. Reveals apricots, peach, transatlantic hops, pine, oven-baked fennel and some sandal wood in flavor. The taste’s even and persistent, staying with me for a long time. It’s light yet complex beer.

Mouthfeel 4/5

Body’s on the lighter side of medium. Liquid’s light almost suspended in mid-mouth and pronounced like a ballerinas jump. The bitterness builds up to a medium, still very balanced in the aftertaste.

Overall impression 8/10

Some call it a boosted pale ale, some a light IPA, either way it’s one heck of a beer to me. even calls it “One of the quintessential American hoppy pale ale’s of our time”. If you have the tiniest spec of skepticism towards craft beer in a can, this will most definitely rid you of those doubts. Personally I love this type of mellow yet hoppy pale ale. The dry bitterness which reminds me of Ska Brewing’s Modus Hoperandi is just fantastic, adding the needed character to a rather malty brew.

Get it at your nearest reputable bar or order it through Systembolaget!

Total Score 41/50

Excellent – Exemplifies style well, requires minor fine-tuning.