We love beer. This includes everything from draff to draft. Our home is Stockholm, but there’s no limit to where will go in our pursuit of amazing beer.

We document beer history in the making. Never has the culture of beer been so fast growing and interesting. On a global scale, this means that a big change in how people perceive, enjoy and discuss beer is happen right now, right in front of our mouths.

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The People


Tobias Göth – Founder and photographer

I keep beer close to heart. All aspects of beer get me going. The brewing process, the beer business, the enjoyment of drinking and talking about beer and last but obviously not least, writing about beer and more recently, home brewing. I love the energy and passion in this industry and that is what I’m trying to capture on this site. Homebrewers Bent Grid and Bronxeng have recently inspired my very first homebrewing project, a simple Sasion by the name of Migraine. Sitting in the fermenter at the moment is Weiss Bois, a hefe weizen I brewed with my brother.On the horizon for my next brewing session is either a Russian Imperial Stout or Saison re-run. The photo of me is courtesy of Daniella Backlund.


Joao Neves – Beer aficionado

My appreciation for beer has grown as a result of me trying more and more beer styles. That has naturally lead me towards an interest in reviewing beers and trying to get to know more about them. I’ve also, as of late, recently started to brew my own. Cheers!


Cory Smith – Brooklyn Beer Friend

I love beers of all styles, but I drink stouts and IPAs most often. In recent memory, two favorite beers I’ve enjoyed were Hill Farmstead Genealogy and Noble Ale Works Naughty Sauce. Founders Breakfast Stout is probably my all-time favorite. Working with 99 Bottles is an opportunity to communicate with others who are equally excited by the craft beer scene. It also allows me to combine my passion for photography with my passion for beer as a way of telling stories. Cheers.