Inspired by Atlanta-based Red Brick Brewing’s poster campaign last year I just couldn’t stop myself from whipping up the infographic above. The thing is that as of tomorrow I’ll be travelling through the greater part of what some people refer to as the Dirty South. My starting point is Fort Lauderdale, Florida and for three whole weeks I’ll be making my way through former colonial backwaters and gator territory in the states of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana finally arriving in lasso roping Dallas, Texas.

Having been to the US a number of times earlier I know what to expect in terms of beer in areas like California, Illinois, New York and so on. What the south has in store for me I can only guess and this fact alone is pretty charming I suppose. My strategy so far has been a “no plans” one and I intend to stick to it. Nonetheless, I’ll gladly listen to any advice or recommendations you have at hand.

Except for the empty space dedicated for beer to bring back home, my bag’s packed with the usual camera, smart phone plus a pen and a pad. Stayed tuned for more “beer from around here”!

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  1. Michael Kiser says:8 Aug 2012 16:21

    Shiner brewery in Texas makes some great beers. If they have any Ruby Redbird left, you must try it. It’s a grapefruit and ginger brew with a nice kick. One off faves this summer.

  2. Tom DeRosa says:8 Aug 2012 19:06

    Southern Star Brewery in Conroe (outside of Houston) makes some great beer, especially their Bombshell Blonde. It’s available all over TX.

    Jester King Craft Brewery, near Austin, makes some of the best beers on the planet. Black Metal, Das Wunderkind, Boxer’s Revenge… all amazing.

    Real Ale Brewing Co, also based near Austin, also makes some great ones– Fireman’s 4, Brewhouse Brown among them.

    So many good breweries here in Texas! Just know that in our state, breweries can only sell their beer off premises and microbreweries/brewpubs can only sell their beer on premises.

  3. Rob Riddle says:9 Aug 2012 7:57

    I came to second the Jester King recommendation, truly great beer!

  4. Tobias Goth says:9 Aug 2012 12:47

    @ Michael Will most definitely do that! I generelly hope to get to try many fruity beers. Abita’s got a Satsumas seasonal now!

  5. Tobias Goth says:9 Aug 2012 13:14

    Thanks for the recommendations Tom! Currently in Florida but Texas and especially Austin is a place I’m visiting.

  6. Hillary says:9 Aug 2012 15:43

    Tobias – I was going to say Abita (like, duh) but I see there’s no need. I was also going to recommend the bar DBA in New Orleans but if you go to their site and click on beer, all it lists is New Castle! That can’t be right, it’s a good bar.

  7. Tobias Goth says:15 Aug 2012 2:18

    @Hillary Abita’s always an interesting brewery, last night I had their Purple Haze which, well let me put it this way, I found refreshing with a fun and quirky (raspberry) twist to it. I’ll look into what’s happened to DBA if we happen to be in that area of NO!

  8. jim button says:21 Aug 2012 4:56

    When you are ready to come up to Canada give us a shout!
    Village Brewery, a community based brewery in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  9. Tobias Goth says:21 Aug 2012 5:51

    @ Jim. Thanks for the invite! Canada is definitely on the list of countries we want to visit. The same goes for you though, when in Stockholm just holler and we’ll give you the grand tour.

  10. Jacob says:15 Dec 2013 0:02

    Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company in Kiln, MS has been putting out some pretty good beers recently

  11. Tobias Goth says:15 Dec 2013 0:14

    Thanks Jacob! I’ll make sure to look into them.

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