Having spent the weekend in Copenhagen drinking a great deal of superb beer, I’m taking a leave from reviewing this week. Instead I turn my head looking into my crystal bottle for this summer’s treats sold at Systembolaget, starting June 1st.

The first images that come to me are Danish Amager Bryghus in Copenhagen delivering us two beers. The Ryeking is a Stout brewed with 22% rye malts. The other is an IPA (unfortunately not their Wookie West Coast IPA, a beautiful collab beer with Port Brewing’s Mike Rodriguez) seasoned with my favorite IPA hops; Simcoe, Amarillo and Cascade. If I had to choose between the two I’d probably go for the Ryeking. Hopefully I won’t have to choose!

The Scottish boys at BrewDog keep provoking us with a second 4-pack of IPA is Dead. Last year’s single hopped, Citra, Nelson Sauvin, Sorachi Ace and Bramling X have been replaced by trendy hop varieties Galaxy, Challenger, HBC and Moteuka. I’m definitely pulling a pack of these limited beers of the shelf.

Also, all Abstrakt fans be sure to pick up the 9th installment in the series. It’s a Cranachan (yes it’s inspired by the Scottish dessert with the same name) Imperial Stout matured in single grain whisky barrels.

Trappist classic Chimay Bleue blesses us a vintage dating back all the way to 2003. I don’t see how I could not get one these. Why not do a vertical comparison with a fresh one?

Perhaps what has raised most of an eyebrow in this release is the Italian beers from brewery Almond 22 (the site’s horribly ugly so surfer discretion is advised). Not knowing what to get I’m going for the one with the sexiest name: Pink IPA.

The summer assortment launched on the very same day does have a few interesting items too.

I had Oppigårds Summer Pale Ale last year and being such a reliable producer of brew, there’s no doubt in my mind that this year’s version will be anything less. A perfect summer sipper!

A perhaps odd choice but still a very welcome beer is St Bernardus Tripel, a lighter and paler version of their mega-famous St Bernardus Abt 12. Rated the world’s third best (according to beeradvocate.com) Tripel, this is a must buy and a bargain. Bring your muscle and relieve your bottle shop a crate of these babies.

Remember that there aren’t any new releases in July so be sure tick off that summer shopping-list now. Happy beer hunting on June 1st!

The following listing has the specs ordered as: Product ID, product name, alcohol content, serving size, price and listing. Learn more about Systembolaget’s T-listings.

Temporary Assortment in June

  1. 11653 Amager RyeKing, 500ml, 7.7% ABV, SEK 49.90, T5
  2. 11635 Amager IPA, 500ml, 7% ABV, SEK 44.90, T5
  3. 11621 Innis & Gunn Scottish Pale Ale, 330ml, 7% ABV, SEK 22, T5
  4. 11657 Fuller’s London Summer Ale, 500ml, 5% ABV, SEK 22.3, T5
  5. 11622 BrewDog IPA Is Dead 2012, 4btls x 330ml, 6.7% ABV, SEK 99.2, T5
  6. 11698 Chimay Bleue 2003, 330ml, SEK 54.9, T5
  7. 11664 Almond ’22 Pink IPA, 375ml, 6% ABV, SEK 45.2, T5
  8. 11654 Almond ’22 Torbata, 375ml, 8.5% ABV, SEK 49.2, T6
  9. 11636 Almond ’22 Grand Cru, 750ml, 7.5% ABV, SEK 84.8, T6
  10. 11633 Abstrakt 09, 375ml, 17.1% ABV, SEK 129, T6

Summer Assortment

  1. 1491 Oppigårds Summer Pale Ale, 330 ml, 5% ABV, SEK 18.5, BAS
  2. 11499 Brutal Brewing Summer Edition, 330ml, 4.5% ABV, SEK 9.9, BAS
  3. 11423 Halmstad Summer Lager, 330ml, 4.7% ABV, SEK 12.5, T1
  4. 11426 Mohawk Unfiltered Lager Summer Edition, 330ml, 5% ABV, SEK 18.9, T1
  5. 1635 Slaapmutske Zomer, 330ml, 4.5%ABV, SEK 22.9, T2
  6. 1628 St Bernardus Tripel, 330ml, 8% ABV, SEK 24.9, T3
  7. 1209 Raasted Pale Ale , 330ml, 5% ABV, SEK 23.5, T2
  8. 1685 Blanche de Namur, 330ml, 4.5% ABV, SEK 19.9, T3

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  1. OleFattGuy says:1 Jun 2012 17:43

    I tried the Beervana, and I pretty much agree with your points there. It’s a pity that Brutal Brewing who seem to be an interesting bunch of brewers with pretty good ideas don’t dare/are allowed to go all the way with their ideas. I guess they have to keep an eye on the mass market and don’t get to wild. Notwithstanding, I have enjoyed quite a lot of their offerings most recently the Plastic Fantastic which I like a lot (at that price who doesn’t).
    I think you are being unfair to the Italian brewery “the Italian beers from brewery Almond 22 (the site’s horribly ugly so surfer discretion is advised)”! I went to look at http://www.birraalmond.com and I think it is quite good, especially compared to some Mediterranean web presences I have suffered thru…
    They even have beer recipes for risotto and other typical Italian dishes cooked with their own beers!
    Thanks for your reviews!

  2. Tobias Goth says:1 Jun 2012 20:29

    Yes, content wise I do agree with you that birraalmond.com is an inspiring site. Offering recipes is great added value. My comment was targeted at the site’s design which I find, simply put, less appealing.

Your thoughts?