Style American Pale Lager · ABV 3.5% · 500 ml can
Brewed by Brutal Brewing · Vårby · Sweden
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Beer mail again! This time from the guys at Brutal Brewing, Spendrups’ department of innovation. Cutting open the styrofoam box I see two cans of beer logged between the protective walls. The last beer I had from Brutal Brewing was their X-mas offering the Chimney Sweeper. A beer that didn’t really sweep me off my feet but left me with a more positive attitude towards Brutal and their brew.

This time around they’re back with Sir Taste-A-Lot, a hoppy low-strength (aka folköl/low-point beer) pale lager, in my opinion this is a sign of Spendrups’ willingness to progress in the beer game. Seasoned with Magnum for bitterness and Perle/Amarillo for aroma let’s see what this dubbed beer does for me.

Appearance 2/3

Dunking half the can into my Anchor pint glass I get a fizzy dusky golden yellow beer with a three finger high head in a “discolored teeth” type of hue. The bubbles are small and tightly packed lending the head a creamy appearance. The head settles to half a finger leaving dry and sticky lacing. Promising…

Aroma 7/12

Characteristic lager aromas of bread and yeast, a rather soft bready nose though. Then some light Amarillo hops come through with a clementine/lemon profile. Also newly cut grass and sweet corn appear in the nose.

Flavor 15/20

Just like the nose the flavor kicks off in a classic lager maner; malty, bready with a tongue coating bittering hop presence. Accentuating the lager base is the aroma hops giving it a citrus and jasmine flower flavor. The dry bittering hops impart a faint cyprus wood taste too.

Mouthfeel 3/5

Big and malty liquid with a thin but bolder body than your average 3.5er. Whatever filling sensation there initially was fades quickly though. Small and tickling bubbles. The aftertaste is a lager style bitterness reaching down the throat.

Overall impression 7/10

Considering the company we’re in (widely available 3.5% pale lagers that is) this is damn good stuff. Although a bit wishy-washy it’s graced with a more than decent citrusy flavor palette. Plus a hop dryness which appeals to my taste. Yes people, this is the multi-dimensional beer from a major brewery that we have been waiting to embrace and enjoy. I hope it’s generally received this way because that would mean there’s hope for hoppier and tastier industrial beers in the future.

Sir Taste-A-Lot is a low-buzz beer and therefore available in many supermarkets across Sweden.

Total Score 34/50

Very Good – Generally within style parameters, some minor flaws

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