Style Russian Imperial Stout · ABV 10% · 355 ml bottle
Brewed by Brooklyn Brewery · New York City · New York · United States
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I’ve been dying to try this famous seasonal from Garrett Oliver and his crew out in Brooklyn. I mean, a highly rated and appreciated Russian Imperial Stout at almost the same price as a macro lager from one of the majors, is that really possible? Let’s see what this calorie bomb (yes it does weigh in at a staggering 320 kcal) can to do me!

Appearance 3/3

Black Chocolate Stout is a fitting name, this beer’s completely black, like a night of a new moon. The emptying of the bottle builds a compact and creamy finger of beige to light brown head. Minuscule bubbles hang on for dear life, painting lace around the edge of the glass.

Aroma 9/12

A wall of roasted malts to climb initially, it almost has a burnt and tarry profile. Following is nuances of rye pumpernickel, light citric acidity intertwined with a combo of soy sauce, figs and sweet licorice. Letting it breathe for a moment there’s a strong dark chocolate and espresso bean profile coming through that only increases with time and a higher temperature. Lingering in the back is a perfume booziness.

Flavor 16/20

A malty and boozy welcome, followed by dry bitterness blanketing the whole of the tongue. It’s a complex and somewhat vinous brew with roasted malts, sweetened dark rye bread, dark fruits, soy sauce plus some light espresso and dark bittersweet bakery’s chocolate. I also get Italian Amarelli licorice mixed with tar permeating the other flavors. The 10% ABV do make themselves known (lending an close to a minty profile to the beer) and there’s a bitter coating of the mouth.

Mouthfeel 4/5

A true heavy weighter indeed. Body’s heavy and thick with a syrupy and creamy feel to it. It’s loaded with carbondioxide and its fizzy bubbles spring to life once on the tongue. Finally there’s a dry bitterness in aftertaste.

Overall impression 6/10

Spontaneously said, this is a great and complex “designer beer”. Coming with such a hard to beat and happy price tag I’d say this something you necessarily have to try at least once, there aren’t simply any arguments against it. You just get so much goodness for your money’s worth.

On the negative side it’s slightly too boozy and has a raw bitterness in taste. I’ve had imperial stouts before with the same ABV not producing the same alcohol burn. Well I cant wait for year to have another bottle of this stuff can I, so I’ll simply have to have one of my remaining bottles with a bit of chocolate cake or simply a piece of chocolate, just to get some sugar that hopefully will balance the alcohol and bitterness some.

Other than that this is, hands down, a really solid Russian Imperial Stout and at a bargain price too. In Sweden, go get at least one at Systembolaget while stocks last.

Total Score 38/50

Excellent – Exemplifies style well, requires minor fine-tuning.

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