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Dang. Three years already? An insane amount of beer imbibed, numerous festivals visited, a gang of folks in the business interviewed and beer events participated and arranged. What started out as my little personal notebook for tasting notes has grown into a passion and commitment. I love craft beer and the people putting their ideas, …

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Metro North’s Hudson Line extends some 75 miles north of New York City. It leaves from Grand Central Station on 42nd Street and an hour and forty­-seven minutes later arrives in Poughkeepsie. It’s a beautiful ride, hugging the Hudson River, passing through the cities and towns that dot the map just beyond its rails. One …

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Two years ago I had honestly given up on many of the new Swedish made beer hitting the market. Not naming names, but many were faulty, either infected or with pronounced off-flavors from diacetyl, sulfites and so on. In English that’s butterscotch and burnt rubber. « We want to do more collaborations, more barrel-aging… » A …

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The craft beer revolution will not be televised, but it damn sure will be qwerty-ed online. In my pursuit of its latest triumphs I’ve travelled to the land of smiles and endless cilantro seasoned dishes. Megacity Bangkok will make a lot of things come to mind but craft beer sure isn’t one of them. The …

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